July 29, 2016

RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES: Katie McGinty’s “Plastic” Convention Speech

The reviews are in: Pennsylvania Democrat Katie McGinty’s speech on the last day of the Democratic National Convention was a total flop. The coveted speaking slot was one of just two given to senate hopefuls, but the opportunity appears to have been wasted on the “terribly weak” McGinty.

As McGinty’s robotic speech droned on, national political reporters immediately panned the lackluster performance as an “underwhelming,” not “authentic,” “Saturday Night Live spoof version of a plastic political stump speech.”

Friday morning’s headlines weren’t any better. Here’s a sampling of what they are saying:


Pittburgh Tribune-Review: “McGinty speech at Democratic National Convention panned as ‘plastic’”

Aside from a smattering of applause from the Pennsylvania delegation during her six-minute speech, the rest of the crowd appeared to mostly ignore it based on the growing din. The only significant applause came when the speech ended.  

“Little, If Any, Crowd Engagement”

Associated Press: “It’s likely McGinty’s biggest stage, with millions watching on TV and thousands more on hand in the Wells Fargo Center. However, there was little, if any, crowd engagement as McGinty spoke, and much of her speech was a rehash of foundational campaign talking points.”


Philadelphia Inquirer: “As she spoke, the Pennsylvania delegation held “Katie” signs aloft —  but much of the rest of the crowd buzzed in side conversations.”

“They Didn’t Seem Terribly Engaged”

The Atlantic:  “The delegates didn’t seem to mind her throwing some elbows at her opponent, though they didn’t seem terribly engaged, either.”

“Not What [McGinty] Needed This Week”

BillyPenn: “Katie McGinty underwhelms at her hometown Democratic National Convention”

But Pennsylvania Senate candidate Katie McGinty’s DNC speech problems went beyond that. Her address to the tens of thousands of people about lifting up the middle class failed to resonate. She wasn’t able to muster crowd reaction at all…It’s not what the Philadelphia native needed this week.