July 28, 2016

Ripped From The Headlines: Katie “Potty Mouth” McGinty’s Terrible Week

In case you haven’t heard, Pennsylvania senate candidate Katie McGinty got a little too chummy with a labor union group on Monday and called her opponent, Senator Pat Toomey, “an a–hole.” Video of the “potty mouth” (according to Politico) remarks, made days before McGinty was set to take the convention stage on Thursday, quickly went viral.

Apparently recognizing that her comments would not play well with Pennsylvania voters and could threaten her coveted spot at a Democratic convention already darkened by disruptions, boos, and hostile takeovers, McGinty issued an apology.

But McGinty did not escape unscathed. Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Baer even questioned whether the remark would “rear-end” McGinty’s already-struggling campaign:

It’s hard to say whether McGinty’s anatomical assessment of Toomey rear-ends her campaign, though it’s not hard to say if the situation were reversed there’d be wild outrage in editorials and among many women’s groups.

Here’s what else they are saying:

“A Shocking Comment”

The Hill: “It was a shocking comment given the decorous attitude Senate candidates usually try to adopt.”


PennLive: “Editor’s note: This article includes a single use of a word some may find offensive.”

“A Crass Display”

Weekly Standard: “In a crass display, even by 2016’s low, low standards, Katie McGinty, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania, called her Republican opponent Senator Pat Toomey an “a–hole” on Monday.”

Off Message

The Tribune-Democrat: “McGinty apologizes for profane comment, looks to get back on message”

And there’s more:

  • Philadelphia Inquirer: “Katie McGinty calls U.S. Senate rival Pat Toomey ‘an a—hole’”
  • Daily Caller: “Senate Nominee: ‘Pat Toomey. He’s An *hole Dammit!’”
  • Roll Call: “McGinty Apologizes To Toomey Over Name-Calling”
  • Morning Call: “McGinty apologizes for calling Toomey an ‘a–hole’”

Apparently Hillary Clinton is just fine with McGinty’s reckless rhetoric, as she was allowed to keep her coveted convention speaking slot.