June 24, 2016

Ripped From The Headlines: Privileged Patrick Murphy’s Trouble With the Truth

“A Fraud” … “A Disaster Candidate”… “Overrated And Over-hyped” … “A Serial Exaggerator” … “An Unaccomplished, Chronic Embellisher” … “An Emperor With No Clothes”

After a devastating CBS Miami exposé revealed that serial liar Patrick Murphy’s biography is built on fabrications and falsehoods, news outlets across Florida and the country took notice:

CBS4 Miami: “The Making of Patrick Murphy,”

“Murphy’s rise is extraordinary because of how little he seems to have accomplished to get here…. For instance, he has never worked a day in his life as a Certified Public Accountant. And he was never a small business owner.”

The Hill: “Report: Fla. Senate candidate overstated qualifications”

National Review: “Patrick Murphy is a Fraud”

“The Democrats could scarcely have picked an emptier suit to challenge Rubio.”

Miami Herald: “CBS Miami: Patrick Murphy ‘made claims that were misleading or outright false’”

“When faced in the past with questions about the discrepancies in his academic and professional resumes, Murphy has been dismissive.

Washington Free Beacon: “These Are the 5 Most Embarrassing Things We Just Learned About Patrick Murphy”

“1. Murphy never owned a small business…2. The company Murphy claimed to own is a failure…3. Murphy saw the BP oil spill as an opportunity to ‘be the guy … to protect our shores’… 4. Murphy was never a CPA, was ‘kind of like a gopher’ at firm…5. His campaign worked hard to hide all this from CBS4”

Washington Post Column: “Harry Reid’s Florida candidate implodes”

“Murphy, as many critics have long claimed, has essentially coasted on hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to his political operations by his rich father…If Democrats fail, they can blame Reid for not vetting his pet candidate.”

Miami Herald: “CBS Miami, part 2: More questions raised about Patrick Murphy’s environmental company”

“CBS Miami investigative reporter Jim DeFede found that the skimmers Coastal owned weren’t actually “tested and proven” the way the company claimed and that other marketing materials it distributed in 2010 inflated the company’s experience.” 

Salon: “The Democrats’ Florida fumble: Rep. Patrick Murphy is a disaster candidate that might help Republicans keep the Senate”

Tampa Bay Times Column: “The overhyping of underwhelming Patrick Murphy”

“Today, two months before Barack Obama’s and Joe Biden’s preferred candidate faces Alan Grayson in a primary and four and half before the general election, we’re struggling to think of when Florida last saw a candidate who proved as overrated and over-hyped as Murphy.”

Just when Privileged Patrick’s week seemingly couldn’t get any worse, he threw the game-losing pitch for the Democrats during Thursday’s Congressional baseball game: