May 10, 2017

Rob Quist Dodged Taxes On Rental Property

Montana Democrat Rob Quist’s shady financial history has been a constant topic in the Congressional special election. Quist’s dishonest dealings are once again back in the news today after a Billings Gazette story that alleged that Quist has been dodging taxes on a rental property he owns:

“Montana’s Democratic U.S. House candidate, Rob Quist has ties to a rental property not listed on state tax rolls, public records show. Quist acknowledged the apartments Tuesday in an interview with The Gazette, but denied renting out the units. Advertising records and leasing contracts suggest otherwise.”

Quist’s tax records indicate that he never disclosed that the barn had been turned it a property with living quarters. This is significant because the “tax amount owed on rental property is typically higher” than what Quist is currently paying:

“State property tax records don’t indicate those changes, taxing it instead as a barn with no living quarters. The Flathead County Assessor’s office also lists the structure as a barn. The distinction matters because the Department of Revenue generally recognizes apartment units as more valuable than barns. The tax amount owed on rental property is typically higher.”

Montana voters must be concerned that these stories about Quist have become all too commonplace. Quist’s long history of financial dishonesty is disqualifying for a candidate running for high public office.