October 14, 2016

Ron Johnson Destroys Feingold’s Record In Three Clips

Russ Feingold’s career as a politician was a major liability for him during tonight’s Wisconsin Senate debate. Throughout the night Senator Ron Johnson threw Feingold’s failed record back into his face. On the biggest issues facing Wisconsin voters today, Feingold’s record is the wrong one.

First, and perhaps most importantly, was the discussion on Obamacare. Feingold has still not apologized to Wisconsin voters for his vote creating the failed program. Feingold owes Wisconsin an apology for Obamacare especially for his 2010 quote that Obamacare would look “pretty damn good in two years.”

Yet just last month an insurance company left the Wisconsin market, while the plans that remain have premium increases as high as 37.88%. Given this failed record it should come as no surprise that Senator Johnson destroyed Feingold over Feingold’s Obamacare lies:

Another important topic where Feingold’s record was seriously lacking was national security. Senator Johnson was quick to point out that it’s hard for Feingold to have any credibility on this topic when he voted against 11 of the 18 National Defense Authorization Acts that came up during his tenure in the Senate:

Finally, Senator Johnson blasted Feingold’s time as an overpaid Stanford professor. Feingold has earned at least $450,000 as a college professor, something Senator Johnson was quick to point out: