October 13, 2016

Ross Fought To Keep Tax Hike Greatly Benefiting Her Family

Deborah Ross loves tax hikes. The exception Ross makes to her history of supporting all manner of tax hikes is when one stands to hurt her financially. According to a new story in McClatchy, Ross has spent her career promoting “generous tax incentives for renovation projects” without mentioning she’s benefited enormously from the tax credits:

“What she’s less vocal about is that she and her husband, Stephen Wrinn, also have benefited substantially from the historic tax credits she helped champion. The couple has qualified for more than $267,000 in credits – direct reductions in their state and federal income taxes – for renovations that preserved original features of their home in Raleigh’s historic Boylan Heights neighborhood, an adjoining rental unit and a nearly century-old, water-powered mill in the Blue Ridge mountains.”

According to their investigation, Ross has spent her time in the North Carolina legislature fighting the sunsetting of a tax hike that greatly benefited her family:

“But Wrinn’s renovation hobby later created an awkward appearance that seemed to go unnoticed as his wife tried to fight off attempts to kill the state tax credits, including a 2006 mill rehabilitation credit she authored that has drawn praise for generating upward of $2 billion in real estate development and thousands of jobs.”

When questioned about her conflict of interest in this matter by McClatchy, Ross refused to answer their questions:

“Ross did not respond to questions about the impact her bill might have had on her husband’s project.”

According to Professor Michael Bitzer, Ross’ behavior “smacks of personal interests.” Instead of ignoring questions, Ross owes North Carolina voters an explanation for her alleged self-dealing.