September 8, 2016

Ross Says Clinton Is Trustworthy, 60% of NC Voters Say The Opposite

North Carolina Senate candidate Deborah Ross (D-NC) is now fully learning the headaches that come with having a presidential nominee as untrustworthy as Hillary Clinton. Ross is one of a number of Senate Democratic candidates who have been put on the hot seat because of Clinton’s scandals.

Back in August, Ross admitted that she found Clinton trustworthy. She avoided a Hassanesque implosion, yet a new poll shows that she might have caused herself more trouble. A Suffolk University poll released today found that a whopping 60% of North Carolinians do not find Clinton trustworthy:

“But that hope may be dampened by the fact that nearly two-thirds of likely voters in the state said they don’t think Clinton is ‘honest and trustworthy’ (60%). Just 33% found the Democratic nominee “’honest and trustworthy.’”

The upside for Ross is that she’s familiar to being on the wrong side of important issues. After all, an organization she ran hated Christmas pageants.