July 19, 2016

After Ruben Kihuen Clears Clinton Of Wrongdoing, She Endorses Him

Today, Hillary Clinton endorsed Ruben Kihuen for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, rewarding him for his loyalty throughout the FBI investigation.

Last month, Kihuen dodged questions about the FBI investigation until he finally admitted “I’m not” concerned about the investigation. Just last week, Kihuen laughably claimed Clinton “did nothing wrong” by using the private email server, despite FBI Director James Comey’s finding that Clinton was “extremely careless” in her handling of classified information.

Kihuen has frequently parroted Clinton campaign talking points throughout his campaign and now has won the “reward” of a rare House endorsement from Hillary Clinton, while most House Democrats continue to run from questions about their party’s nominee due to her horrible numbers on honesty and trust.