September 29, 2016

Ruben Kihuen Tied To FBI Investigation

Nevada congressional candidate Ruben Kihuen is in hot water. Kihuen’s employer, the Ramirez Group has been publicly identified by the Las Vegas Review-Journal as tied to an FBI corruption investigation.  In 2014, Kihuen joined the Ramirez Group, and earned $55,846.12 from the company last year.

Significantly, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported last night that Kihuen’s employer is being investigated for crimes committed during a time that overlapped with Kihuen’s employment:

“A politically connected public relations firm has been tied to the corruption investigation of Las Vegas City Councilman Ricki Barlow, the Las Vegas Review-Journal has learned. FBI agents recently subpoenaed records from Barlow related to his campaign and business dealings with the Ramirez Group and its owners in 2015 and 2016, according to a source close to the investigation.”

The investigation centers around allegations that consulting firms were allegedly paying kickbacks to a Las Vegas city councilman:

“Investigators are attempting to determine whether Barlow, who represents the city’s Ward 5, received kickbacks for any of the consulting expenses his campaign paid to McCoy’s company, according to a source.”

In addition to working for the scandal-tarred firm, Kihuen has also employed the firm’s founder as a consultant for his congressional race. Further establishing Kihuen’s ties to this FBI investigation, Andres Ramirez, his consultant, gave the campaign a $2,700 contribution. Nevada may have been a state accustomed to corrupt Democrats in the past, but in 2016 these potentially criminal ties will be taken seriously.