April 6, 2016

Russ Feingold Won’t Tell You Who He Voted For

Former senator Russ Feingold has been laying low since his sole appearance with either of the Democratic presidential candidates on Saturday, but many expected to finally find out on Wisconsin’s primary day whether he Feels The Bern or wants Wisconsin to be Clinton Country.

No dice. Reporters pointed out that Feingold previously had a tradition of disclosing who he supported in primaries:

They, along with the voters of Wisconsin, are still waiting.

Feingold did surface briefly on Twitter to lob a partisan attack at Governor Scott Walker – who actually bothered to be straight with Wisconsinites about his vote – over the state’s Voter ID law:

With Sanders’s landslide victory in the Badger State being touted as a potential turning point in the presidential race, Wisconsin Democrats should demand to know whether Feingold stands with them in support of the Vermont socialist, or whether his establishment sellout extend to backing fellow insider Hillary Clinton.