July 25, 2016

Sanchez Sisters Bring Scandal To Convention Stage

Congresswomen Linda and Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) appeared before the Democratic National Convention on Monday. Each has a political scandal that should have given Clinton pause before allowing them to appear in Philadelphia.

Last year, Loretta Sanchez made headlines when she said made a “stereotypical war cry” during a political event. Those in the audience were “shocked and appalled”:

“Uduak-Joe Ntuk was recording Sanchez’s stump on his cell phone camera and shared the video with CNN affiliate KCRA. Many in the room found the gesture offensive, Ntuk said, including him. ‘I was shocked and appalled that she would make the disparaging comments about Native Americans that way,’ he said. ‘It’s just very undemocratic.’”

A serious issue for Linda Sanchez is a lawsuit filed in February of this year by a former staffer. The lawsuit alleges that Sanchez used official Congressional resources for political purposes:

“A former aide to California Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez has sued the lawmaker in federal court, claiming that Sanchez and some top staffers improperly used official resources for campaign and personal uses and then retaliated by firing the aide following her complaints about the alleged improper practices.”

The former staffer claims that she spoke out about this abuse, and when she did, she was fired:

“Medrano then spoke with Sanchez’s chief of staff, but was fired two weeks later. Afterward, Sanchez pressured potential employers not to hire Medrano, the lawsuit asserts.”