December 19, 2015

Sanders Campaign Accuses DNC Of Being In The Bag For Clinton

Amidst all the back and forth over Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s DataGate, one very telling statement stands out. During a very testy exchange with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver directly accused the DNC of being in the bag for Hillary Clinton:

“ I think the evidence now is mounting, it is now almost irrefutable that there are people in the DNC who are actively trying to help Secretary Clinton. You don’t setup the debate schedule that you setup with only four debates before the first four states. Many of them held on Saturdays if you’re not trying to help the frontrunner.”

Weaver’s point about the DNC’s questionable debate schedule is something that many in Democratic Party have pointed to as evidence that the DNC is an arm of the Clinton campaign, including Presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley.

This isn’t the first time the DNC had a very public and very awkward dispute before a debate.

Before the first Democratic debate in Las Vegas another a very public feud developed between, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and DNC vice chair Tulsi Gabbard. The feud stemmed from Gabbard calling on the DNC to hold more debates, which caused Gabbard to be disinvited from the Las Vegas debate. For a full recap of that feud, click here.

This series of embarrassing missteps raises questions of legitimacy for the DNC.

Just as Hillary Clinton and her team wanted, the third debate is being held on the Saturday night before Christmas, meaning the attention of most voters will be elsewhere and away from this dysfunction.