July 12, 2016

Sanders: “I Don’t Believe That She Is Qualified”

While the Democratic primary is over, the scars from that “nasty” contest are far from healed. Although Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton today will be hailed by Democrats as a moment of “party unity,” that is just wishful thinking. After the barbs thrown from both candidates during the primary campaign, reconciliation is a fantasy.

America Rising’s new video puts any positive words Sanders will say about Clinton in their proper political context. Clinton is a candidate that stands opposed to everything Sanders believes in. During the campaign, Sanders made no effort to disguise his disgust for Clinton’s big money speeches and shady Clinton Foundation money. Clinton’s super PAC and her poor foreign policy decisions were also familiar attacks from Sanders’ time on the campaign trail. The rhetoric got so heated that Sanders even stated that Clinton was “not qualified” to be president.

In light of the wealth of Sanders’ attacks on Clinton any claim that Sanders’ endorsement will have any impact on his enthusiastic following is laughable. In the end, Sanders said it best. When the Vermont socialist was asked during a debate if Clinton had the capacity to bring change in America, he stated simply: “I don’t think so.” We couldn’t agree more.