August 10, 2017

Sanders’ Group Unloads On DNC “Tone-Deaf” “Dictatorial” Outreach

Senator Bernie Sanders and his supporters have never forgiven the Democratic National Committee for the Committee’s Clinton bias last year. Sanders’ steadfast resentment has manifested itself in many ways, including not giving the DNC access to his extremely valuable email list.

Now Nina Turner, the president of Sanders’ political group Our Revolution, is taking the Senator’s war against the DNC to a whole new level. In a new report by BuzzFeed, Turner unloaded on the DNC:

“’Dictatorial.’ ‘Arrogant.’ ‘Pompous.’ ‘Superficial.’ ‘Tone-deaf.’ ‘Tone-dead.’ ‘Out of line.’ ‘Insulting’ — ‘absolutely insulting.’” These are the words that Nina Turner, president of the group founded by Bernie Sanders to further his ‘political revolution,’ used in an interview to describe the Democratic National Committee.”

Turner also knocked the DNC for continuing to exclude Sanders supporters by “working behind closed doors”:

“’It is time to make the Democratic Party ‘Feel the Bern’ again,’ Turner wrote in an email to Our Revolution members on Tuesday. ‘The DNC may think that they can continue working behind closed doors, but they will know different when millions of us come knocking.’”

These new attacks against the DNC could not come at a worse time for the listless party committee. That’s because the DNC is also experiencing an acute financial crunch. The DNC now lags far behind the RNC in fundraising, including in critical small-dollar contributions:

“Over the first six months of 2017, the Republican National Committee pulled in $75 million—nearly twice as much money as the Democratic National Committee, which raised $38 million. The predicament isn’t simply that there is a funding gap between the parties; it’s what kind of money they attract. Republicans have quietly taken a decisive edge over Democrats when it comes to small-dollar fundraising. During that same six-month time span, the RNC raised $33 million in small contributions—money from people who donate $200 or less over an election cycle—while that same class of donors gave the DNC just $21 million.”

The Democratic National Committee has moved from one disaster to another this year. Tom Perez’s disastrous tenure has the DNC headed toward irrelevance.