April 4, 2017

Sanders’ Perriello Endorsement Highlights Perriello’s Dramatic Move To The Left

The Virginia Democratic gubernatorial primary was already shaping up to be a proxy fight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters. Now with Senator Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Tom Perriello this morning that subtext is front and center.

Throughout the primary, Perriello has flip-flopped on numerous high-profile issues to make himself a more palpable candidate for liberal primary voters. Already the former congressman has flip-flopped on gun control, immigration reform, abortion funding, and offshore drilling.

Perriello’s flip-flops haven’t escaped the attention of Ralph Northam supporters who are pointing out Perriello’s opportunistic changes:

“Perriello has embraced an economic populist message in his gubernatorial campaign. Northam and his allies challenge his progressive credentials, noting conservative stances he took in Congress on social issues.”

While Perriello has moved to the extreme left to court Bernie Sanders and his supporters, he’s also opened himself to troubles if he wins the primary. Perriello has moved to the left on so many issues that Virginia voters question have to wonder whether what he says today will be reflected in what he says tomorrow.