March 31, 2016

Say It Ain’t So, Terry!

Sorry America, you won’t have Terry McAuliffe to kick around much longer. The erstwhile Bill Clinton bagman and lame duck Virginia governor dashed the hopes of his cronies from K Street to Wall Street when he announced that he would not ascend to the Vice Presidency:

Long time friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton Governor Terry McAuliffe tells Roanoke radio station 101.5 The Valley’s Music Place if Hillary Clinton asks him to be her running mate, he will decline.

While the listeners of “The Valley’s Music Place” were surely demoralized on their morning drive, it’s unlikely that McAuliffe would have had a snowball’s chance in you-know-where of passing the vetting process for a spot on a presidential ticket – even one shared by equally ethically challenged Hillary Clinton – given his checkered history of cronyism, shady business deals, and leaving his crying wife in a car to go fundraise and then bragging about it.

Case in point: Virginians only need flip through today’s paper to find out that a McAuliffe embarrassing disaster of a pet project that wasted $1.4 million in taxpayer dollars is now the subject of a criminal investigation.