February 10, 2016

What They Are Saying About Clinton’s Devastating Loss In New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton lost badly in the New Hampshire primary last night. The size of Clinton’s loss has left many Democrats with questions about Clinton’s campaign, with the New York Times reporting that a “rethinking of the campaign’s strategy and message was already underway Tuesday evening.”

Here are some of the important reactions from key Democrats after Clinton’s New Hampshire primary loss:

David Axelrod: “For @HillaryClinton, go to case is bio. I’ve done it before, so you can count on me. But is it too much about her & not people? #NHPrimary”

Bob Shrum: “For sure this is now a real campaign. Her challenge is to convey a sense of vision that reaches people’s hearts as well as heads.”

James Manley: “The question now is how she and her team maneuvers from here on out. Politico reported a few days ago that her campaign is considering a shake up. I am ambivalent about whether that is the right way to go or not, in part because the report suggested that instead of firing people, the campaign will just add more layers, which in my mind would be an absolute disaster.”

Brent Colburn: “The truth that the Clinton team isn’t going to be really happy about is that they now have to spend the next 11 days answering questions about the health of their campaign when they want to be focused on one singular goal—performing well in the upcoming primaries and starting to drive up their delegate count.”

Doug Schoen: “Hillary Clinton is in real trouble unless she develops a positive, proactive message that does more than tries to imitate and match Bernie Sanders’ populist democratic socialist agenda.”

Jamal Simmons: “She has not laid out a compelling vision for where she wants to take the country,” said Jamal Simmons, the Democratic strategist who served on Al Gore’s presidential campaign. “She has put forth some legislative priorities and she may know how all of these pieces come together but voters don’t.