April 27, 2016

What They Are Saying About Katie McGinty’s Purchased Primary Win

“A Sleazy Way To Win A Campaign”

Washington Post Headline: “Emily’s List’s sleazy attack ad in the Pennsylvania Senate race” 

  • Washington Post: “In this case, Women Vote, an arm of Emily’s List, a Political Action Committee which seeks to elect pro-choice Democratic women, is using words “true” and “truth” and even cites a fact checking organization to advance a deeply misleading claim. The group got away with it because television stations in Pennsylvania kept running the ad even though the Sestak campaign provided evidence that it was false.”
  • Washington Post: “The television stations who refused to pull this ad should be ashamed of themselves — as should Emily’s List. This is simply a sleazy way to win a campaign.”

McGinty Is An Establishment Insider In An Outsider Year

Associated Press Headline: “Pennsylvania Democrats pick establishment’s Senate candidate”

NPR-Pittsburgh: “Democrats in Pennsylvania chose their party establishment’s choice for a U.S. Senate candidate and rejected an ex-congressman who six years ago nearly won the office. Katie McGinty, who spent more than a decade as a state and federal environmental policy official, got millions of dollars from the party and its allies that helped her side heavily outspend her rivals.”

Washington Post Headline: “Establishment favorite McGinty wins big in Pennsylvania Senate primary”

Roll Call Headline: “Van Hollen and McGinty Prove Democratic Establishment Still Has Muscle” 

  • Roll Call: “In the year of the political outsider, consummate insiders have won a pair of high-profile, contentious Democratic primaries for Senate… By the race’s final months, however, she still lagged Sestak in most polls. The party establishment then kicked into overdrive on her behalf, winning over endorsements from the President Obama and Vice President Biden while the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee poured in millions of dollars. All told, groups aligned with McGinty spent more than $4 million in the race’s final month to help her topple Sestak.”

Newsweek Headline: “In Tuesday’s Senate Primaries, the Democratic Establishment Roars Back”

  • Newsweek: “McGinty won in Pennsylvania despite lagging in the polls up until the last week of the race. She almost certainly couldn’t have pulled it off without heavy support from the party’s power brokers, who have been all in for her campaign.”

Vox: “Just two years ago, Katie McGinty came in fourth place in the Democratic primary for governor of Pennsylvania. There were only four candidates running. She gathered only 8 percent of the vote. Now, she’s the party’s nominee for Senate in one of the most hotly contested races in the country. The night-and-day difference between McGinty’s performance in 2014 and 2016 is an illustration of just how much difference the support of the party makes.”

Washington Examiner Headline: “Top Dems’ choice wins Pa. primary to take on GOP Sen. Toomey”

St. Louis Jewish Light: “McGinty was picked by Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., likely to become the next leader of his party in the Senate.”

McGinty & Her D.C. Backers Alienated Grassroots Democrats

Philly Inquirer: “’Our own party did this to him,’ said Connie McGuiness-Myers of Springfield, who has volunteered for Sestak since 2006. She said she would leave the party and become independent…The national push for McGinty – unusually heavy-handed in a primary – raised eyebrows in both parties, where many questioned whether she was that much stronger an option.”

Washington Post: “But in the process Democrats ran a sometimes brutal campaign that alienated some local activists who felt that Washington leaders played a bigger role in the nomination than did local voters.”