December 28, 2015

Emails, Foreign Money, and Flip Flops : What We Learned About Hillary Clinton In 2015

Hillary Clinton’s return to the political spotlight this year has been marred by scandals and surprising (maybe some not so surprising) revelations. From her now infamous first press conference about her use of a private email server, to her many stumbles on the campaign trail, to her failures as Secretary of State, Clinton has shown voters time and time again why she is simply unfit to be the next President of the United States.

The Top Stories Of Clinton’s First Year On The Trail:

The Email Scandal – From when the story about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State broke last March through her long overdue and tortured apology, questions about Clinton’s judgment and transparency have only intensified. The pending FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of the server and whether it contained classified information continues to dog her campaign. In addition, Clinton’s emails revealed the extent to which she allowed unofficial aides, such as Sidney Blumenthalto advise her on Middle East policy, despite her denials.

Clinton Foundation’s Foreign Donations – The stunning revelation that the Clinton Foundation accepted foreign donations while Clinton served as Secretary of State brought to light the fact that the Clintons are at the nexus of money and politics. Emails from Clinton’s aides revealed a blurring of the lines between the Foundation’s work and the work of the State Department. In addition, errors in the Foundation’s tax forms forced the organization to refile several years of reports last month, revealing even more funding from foreign governments. The Foundation also has taken a lot of heat over donations from countries criticized by Clinton’s own State Department for human rights violations.

Private Jets – Despite her populist rhetoric, Hillary Clinton has continued to ride in style. While she started off her campaign in a “luxury vehicle,” the Scooby van, the van has since seen little action on the campaign trail. Clinton has been caught several times boarding her private jet. She even hopped on a private jet after the two major environmental events of her campaign thus far – unveiling her climate change agenda and receiving an endorsement from the League of Conservation VotersAnd despite Clinton’s campaign pledging to go carbon neutral, it has yet to do soAll told, Clinton has spent almost $560,000 on private jets so far.

Flip Flopping On The Issues – Hillary Clinton has proven time and again that she is the Say or Do Anything candidate. On issues ranging from trade to gay marriage to the environment to Cuba, she has shown her ability to bend with the political winds. After advocating for the Trans Pacific Partnership as Secretary of State, including referring to it as “the gold standard” in trade agreements, Clinton flip-flopped and came out against it in October.  Clinton also came out against the Keystone Pipeline after dodging on the issue repeatedly. Clinton has also shifted her rhetoric on issues such as immigration and charter schools.

Dishonest and Untrustworthy – After Clinton spent much of her campaign so far trying to fend off scandals, polls continue to show that most Americans don’t believe she is honest or trustworthy. Additionally, entering 2016, Clinton’s favorability is still underwater with a “43-51 percent” favorable to unfavorable rating.

Unable To Clear The Field – Considering the many scandals and flip-flops that have overwhelmed Clinton’s campaign, it’s not surprising that Clinton has been unable to secure the Democratic nomination. One of her challengers, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) still leads in New Hampshire and is not far behind in Iowa, while still polling at 30 percent nationally.