July 27, 2016

Schiff’s Complicated History Defending Clinton

In the past, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) has used his perch on the Select Committee on Benghazi to defend Hillary Clinton’s actions, a difficult task that has not come without a cost. In recent TV interviews Schiff has been made to look ridiculous by staying unwaveringly to his pro-Clinton talking points. His seemingly unthinking defenses of Clinton has drawn opprobrium and correction from anchors as different as Chris Wallace and Andrea Mitchell.

In May, Wallace completely destroyed Schiff’s talking points-based defense of Clinton, saying at one point that he “expected more from [Schiff]”:

Also in May, Andrea Mitchell had to repeatedly correct Schiff when he tried to defend Clinton’s conduct, in the face of a scathing State Department Inspector General report:

Shockingly, this month Schiff actually went off-message, admitting what any neutral observer to be true about Clinton. Schiff actually admitted that Clinton’s use of a private server added a needless “security vulnerability” for the United States government: