September 25, 2013

Sean Eldridge Already Leaving His District To Flout His Campaign Platitudes

This evening, Sean Eldridge will be heading to Park Avenue in New York City to raise money for his recently launched campaign for New York’s 19th congressional district. Eldridge will be fundraising at the penthouse of former Goldman Sachs executive David Dechman, who purchased the home for $6 million in 1999. This comes after Eldridge said he would work to reduce the role of money in politics “instead of looking out for Wall Street.”

It isn’t surprising that Eldridge would forget the promises he has made to his part-time neighbors in the Hudson Valley, but it is surprising he do so this quickly.

On a positive note, this penthouse costs more than all of these castles, unlike Eldridge’s $5 million SoHo loft that only costs more than three of them.