July 28, 2016

Sellers To Clinton: “No More Pandering”

Hillary Clinton has long been thought to be inauthentic by the American people. Usually, however she can rely on her supporters to defend her from charges that she panders to various interest groups.

Yet for Bakari Sellers, a Clinton supporter, that is has not been the case. Appearing on CNN in January, Sellers called Clinton out for pandering to various interest groups. Sellers also mentioned that much of what Clinton says on the campaign trail is not “organic” to her.

Specifically, Sellers highlighted the “Not my Abuela” controversy, in which Clinton was felt to have appropriated the term “abuela” (Spanish for grandmother) unjustly. Many young Hispanic voters were outraged with Clinton, considering that Clinton has leads an extremely privileged life:

“Soon, the hashtag #NotMyAbuela was circulating as a critique of what some saw as a tone-deaf move to pander to a powerful but marginalized bloc of voters. Her critics pointed out that Mrs. Clinton did not grow up poor like their relatives, and was not separated from loved ones by country borders. Others just made their points with the magic of memes.”