July 11, 2016

#SelloutSanders: Bernie Supporters Revolt As Sanders Prepares To Endorse Clinton

One month and five days after the Democratic primary ended, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will finally endorse presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton. The exceedingly drawn-out process that led to this point shows that disunity still remains endemic to the Democratic Party.

While Sanders has co-opted the Democratic Party to create the “most progressive platform” in party history, many of his supporters are still not buying what Clinton is selling. Clinton has shamelessly pandered to Bernie Sanders supporters by adopting many of their extremist views, yet Clinton’s campaign is falling short in their effort. Many of Sanders’ supporters show no sign of uniting behind Clinton, with many calling Sanders a sell-out for backing Clinton.

See below for a sample of the countless expressions of grief and frustration from Sanders’ voters in light of his coming endorsement of Clinton: