October 21, 2016

Senate Majority PAC Cashes Thomas Murphy’s Check, Cuts Money From Florida Anyway

Thomas Murphy’s financial support of his son just keeps coming. This morning the Tampa Bay Times reported that Thomas Murphy gave another $1 million contribution to Senate Majority PAC in September. That comes on top of the $1.75 million Thomas Murphy has already given to support his son, Patrick Murphy.

The sad (or funny, depending on your perspective) part of this story is that just six days after the older Murphy gave the group an additional $1 million, Senate Majority PAC pulled $6 million in proposed ad spending from the Florida race:

“A Democratic Super PAC that was prepared to spend $6 million more in Florida to help Murphy on Friday confirmed they are pulling their television ad buy. In addition to the Senate Majority PAC, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee earlier this week pulled a nearly $2 million ad buy that was set to begin airing on Oct. 18.”

Patrick Murphy is a loser frat guy who only reached his current position because he has a very successful and wealthy father. Yet even though Thomas Murphy wasted $1 million, at least his son is finally going to learn at the age of 33 that there are just some things your parents can’t buy for you.