October 18, 2016

Once Again Senator Johnson Crushes Feingold And His Failed Record In Debate

Wisconsin voters who watched both Wisconsin debates must be having deja vu. That’s because just like the first debate, Senator Ron Johnson consistently held Russ Feingold accountable for his failed record and out of touch support for Hillary Clinton.

While Hillary Clinton is not trusted by 66% of Wisconsin voters, Feingold had no problems saying that Clinton was reliable and trustworthy. Feingold even claimed that Clinton has good judgment:

Next, Senator Ron Johnson highlighted Feingold’s campaign finance hypocrisy. Feingold has long made campaign finance his signature issue, so the fact that Feingold has broken his word on this issue is especially significant:

Finally, Senator Johnson held Feingold accountable for how his big government policies have held back the American economy. The U.S. economy is still experiencing the world recovery in decades, a fact Senator Johnson highlighted for Wisconsin viewers: