March 7, 2016

UPDATED: “Serious Missteps,” “Terrible Judgment,” “Dismissive”: Ed Boards Rip Into Clinton​

Over the course of the last month and a half, the Democratic primary has taken Secretary Clinton across the country. Newspapers in nominating states from coast to coast have made their recommendations, and almost universally, these local papers have taken Clinton to task for her use of a private email server and complete lack of trustworthiness.

See below for a sampling of what our nation’s editorial boards are saying about Secretary Clinton:

The Des Moines Register (1/25/16): “She is not a perfect candidate, as evidenced the way she handled the furor over her private email server. … In our endorsement of her 2008 campaign for president, we wrote that ‘when she makes a mistake, she should just say so.’ That appears to be a lesson she has yet to fully embrace.”

Sioux City Journal (2/1/16): “We are not without concerns about Clinton. We do not believe, for example, all email questions have been answered by Clinton and won’t be surprised if fresh, deeper email problems emerge for her as the FBI investigation proceeds.”

Dallas Morning News (2/12/16): “Clinton has made mistakes. She owed America a faster apology and still owes a clearer explanation for why she installed her own email server. The tragic and fatal failures in Benghazi happened under her watch. Her judgment in foreign affairs hasn’t been flawless.”

Houston Chronicle (2/12/16): Secretary Clinton is “a politician with so much baggage that even Southwest Airlines would start charging fees.”

Tampa Bay Times (2/28/16): “To be sure, the former secretary of state is an imperfect candidate with political baggage that would sink most other politicians. … She has been forced to acknowledge her terrible judgment in using a private computer server and personal email account as secretary of state, a practice the FBI is investigating.”

Detroit Free Press (2/28/16): “Hillary Clinton lacks Sanders’ common touch and spontaneity, and she is frequently dismissive of legitimate questions about her judgement, including those arising from her careless use of unsecured e-mail servers and her acceptance of profitable speaking gigs from financial backers eager to curry favor with the incumbent president’s likely successor.”

Miami Herald (3/3/16): “First, she should release the private speeches she has made to Wall Street executives in return for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s the only way to assure skeptics that she’s not saying one thing in public and another in private to her wealthy supporters. Second, she must take the email controversy seriously. Yes, the scandal was stoked by her usual critics, and, yes, her predecessors at the State Department did much the same thing. But that rationale won’t satisfy anyone except her most diehard supporters. A federal judge has ruled that her aides can be questioned under oath, so the whole thing can go on throughout the election year. She has to reassure Americans that she has nothing to hide.

Omaha World-Herald (3/4/16): “[I]t’s time for Clinton to own up to the mistakes she has made. Voters have waited a year for a straightforward explanation for her use of a private email server as secretary of state. She needs to square speaking fees and campaign contributions from Wall Street with her promises to rein in the financial sector. Benghazi occurred on her watch, and she needs to assure Americans such a tragedy won’t happen again.”

Orlando Sentinel (3/4/16): “There’s no question that Clinton is a polarizing figure. She has made some big mistakes, such as using a private email server as secretary of state.”

Chicago Sun-Times (3/4/16): “Hillary Clinton has made her share of big mistakes. She has had her blind spots. … She was also wrong as secretary of state to use a private computer server.”

Jackson Clarion-Ledger (3/5/16): “However, it would be entirely naive and a complete disservice to blame attacks on Clinton as the result of her popularity or success. In many instances, she is as much if not more to blame for those attacks than her opponents. … Clinton’s handling of the controversy over using a personal email server for official State Department email is a prime example. She was less than forthcoming with details surrounding the issue.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (3/5/16): “There have been serious missteps in her past: sidestepping justice in the Whitewater affair, inept handling of the U.S. consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya, and the massive judgment lapse of using her personal email server to send highly sensitive State Department messages.”

Charlotte Observer (3/7/16): “We get it. From Whitewater to Travelgate to, more recently, a botched Benghazi response, Clinton has been less than transparent and perhaps worse. There are other examples, too, including the most recent – conducting official business as Secretary of State away from the public eye on a private email server. Voters shouldn’t dismiss any of that.”