October 20, 2016

Shady Katie McGinty Violated State Ethics Rules

Shady Katie McGinty has done it again. It appears that McGinty violated state ethics laws when she solicited advice from John Podesta on her current run for the U.S. Senate, while still at her government job.This violation did not escape the notice of the Pennsylvania GOP who hit McGinty with an ethics complaint alleging that she violated the Governor’s Code of Conduct:

“The Republican Party of Pennsylvania filed an ethics complaint Wednesday against Democratic US Senatorial candidate Katie McGinty, alleging she participated in political activity during work hours as Governor Tom Wolf’s Chief of Staff.”

McGinty’s email was sent at 4:08pm on a Friday, so unless McGinty was cheating taxpayers by leaving work early, this seems like a clear ethics violation for McGinty. This email also brings back up the issue of why McGinty wanted to hide all the emails she sent as Governor Wolf’s chief of staff:

“The email to Podesta is being used by Republicans as further proof that voters deserve to see the emails that McGinty sent as Wolf’s chief of staff. A state court ordered the Wolf administration to release 15,000 pages worth of emails McGinty sent, but gave the administration enough time to produce the emails that it could wait until after the election to comply with the order.”

McGinty’s shady behavior was apparent with the release of just one of her emails. If she had cleared even the very low bar of transparency of Secretary Clinton and released thousands, Pennsylvania voters can only imagine what other types of ethics violations we’d find.