February 5, 2016

Shaheen & Hassan: Clinton Will Surprise People In New Hampshire

For the last week Hillary Clinton’s campaign has tried to spin reporters that New Hampshire is a lost cause for her. Clinton went as far as saying there was “some strength to the argument of her skipping the New Hampshire contest:

“‘A lot of political pundits have been opining, as political pundits do, that I should have just skipped coming to New Hampshire,’ Clinton told a crowd of supporters here, not identifying the pundits she was referring to. But she outlined what their argument might be. ‘Their argument is — and it has got some strength to it — look, you are behind here, you are in your opponent’s backyard,’ she said.”

Yet, New Hampshire’s governor Maggie Hassan and senior senator Jeanne Shaheen are singing a very different tune. Both Hassan and Shaheen think not only will Clinton keep the race close, but that she could very well prevail.

Hassan said Clinton should be very competitive in the state:

“In an interview with USA TODAY’s video newsmaker series, Hassan at first declined to predict the primary results but then added: ‘I do know the people of New Hampshire are seeing the committed, dedicated, strong person’ in Clinton who has plans to improve the economy and battle the Islamic State. ‘People are listening to that and doing what New Hampshire voters always do, which is making up their last minds as they head into the voting booth.’ So she might win? ‘Could be,’ the governor replied.”

Senator Shaheen was also confident about Clinton’s performance in next Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. Speaking with Chris Matthews, Shaheen spoke about how she does not believe the current polling on the race, which has Senator Sanders way ahead, is accurate:

MATTHEWS: Who’s going to win here next Tuesday? Hillary or Bernie Sanders?

SEN. SHAHEEN: You know, I think the polls — we’re going to be surprised that the polls are not going to be accurate.

MATTHEWS: If she’s win single digits, is that a win for Hillary?