January 31, 2017

Sherrod Brown Faces Supreme Court Filibuster Hypocrisy

Senate Democrats are threatening to filibuster a new Supreme Court nominee no matter who is chosen to fill the important position. That gives Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) a clear choice. He can join with extreme liberals and attempt to block any nominee, or he can listen to his own words from last year and allow an up or down vote. Last year, Senator Brown said it would be “reprehensible” to not take up the nomination of a Supreme Court justice:

“He called the fact that Senate Republicans have balked at taking up Garland’s nomination ‘reprehensible.’ ‘Never in history has a person been nominated Supreme Court Justice and the Senate just absolutely refused to do its job,’ he said.”

Last year, Brown said that Senators who were not willing to provide advise and consent on a Supreme Court nominee were not doing their job:

“‘Chief Judge Garland’s qualifications are without question. After meeting with him, there is no doubt in my mind he is a judge who understands the ways the court impacts everyday working Americans. Judge Garland has my full support,’ said Brown. ‘Hardworking men and women across Ohio go to work every day and do their jobs. They expect their senators to do the same – and that means giving fair consideration to President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.’”  

Hopefully Senator Brown listens to his own words. Anything less will be a clear sign to Ohio voters that Brown is just another DC politician whose happy to say anything for political benefit.