November 4, 2016

SHOCKING: Evan Bayh Spent Over $2000 In Taxpayer Money On Indianapolis Hotels In 2009

Earlier this week an Indiana journalist remarked to Evan Bayh that “it seems to be everyday, something new” that’s revealed about him that paints the Indiana Democrat in a tremendously damaging light. From Bayh’s Bermuda investments to his illegal Capitol Hill fundraisers, Bayh has been hit with an avalanche of negative stories recently.

Yesterday was no different, with a new report from Politico that shows Bayh reimbursed the Treasury for $700 in 2009 hotel bills spent in Indianapolis:

“Following questions from POLITICO, Bayh’s campaign conceded that reimbursements he received for five of those nights were not allowed by Senate rules and that he would personally repay $737.”

In total, Politico found that Bayh spent over $2000 on Indianapolis hotels, even though the multi-millionaire owned a condo in the same city at the same time:

“Former Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh used taxpayer money to stay at hotels in Indianapolis for 14 nights in 2009 despite owning a condominium there, charging more than $2,000 in travel and lodging expenses to his official account, according to his internal schedule and Senate disbursement records.”

Yet in a completely tone deaf response, though typical of Bayh’s entire campaign, Bayh’s lawyer defended spending $1,321 in taxpayer money, even though Bayh had a condo in the same city:

“‘Per diems are allowed to be taken in a senator’s home state in connection with official activity at any time except the August recess and adjournment sine die at the end of each calendar year or Congress,’ said Marc Elias, counsel to the campaign.”

Additionally, Politico‘s review of Bayh’s 2009 schedule showed that Bayh did not spent a single night in his Indianapolis condo in 2009. That means that in both 2009 and 2010 Bayh did not spent a single night in his Indiana “home.”

This latest horrendous story for Bayh has already drawn local Indianapolis TV coverage meaning that as Indiana voters head to the polls on Tuesday, this awful story will be fresh in their minds: