July 19, 2016

SHOCKING: Malloy Solicits $200K From Anthem While Helping Company Merger With Cigna

Given Connecticut’s critical role regulating the Cigna-Anthem merger, Governor Dannel Malloy’s close ties to Cigna have always presented strong ethical problems. Those problems got worse this week. It has now been uncovered that Governor Malloy (D-CT) has ties to Anthem as well.

A new report by the International Business Times has now exposed that Anthem gave $200,000 to the Democratic Governors Association, a group that Governor Malloy chairs. The money Anthem gave to the Democratic Governors Association followed actions from Malloy that shielded the Anthem-Cigna merger from scrutiny:

“The money to the DGA is particularly notable because the group is headed by Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy, whose insurance commissioner, Katharine Wade, runs the agency leading the national multistate review of the deal. Anthem money flowed to the DGA in June amid an ethics probe prompted by IBT’s investigative series documenting Wade’s personal and familial ties to Cigna.”

Most troublingly, a large percentage of Anthem and Cigna’s history of donating to the DGA tracks with the time Malloy appointed the hopelessly compromised Katharine Wade as his Insurance Commissioner:

“Malloy has refused to force Wade to recuse herself from the merger review, at a time when Anthem and Cigna have increased their donations to the DGA, which backed his campaigns and which he has chaired since late 2015. In all, the DGA has raised a total of $1.1 million from Anthem and Cigna since Malloy began the process of nominating Wade to the insurance post in 2015. That sum is 37 percent more than the group raised in the entire 2014 election cycle, and almost half of the total campaign contributions the companies have given the group in the last decade.”

The International Business Times’ reporting has also revealed that a “veteran” former Cigna employee spoke with Governor Malloy at a private Nantucket DGA fundraiser, in which the group promised “special access to governors, depending on how much money they were giving”:

“In June, a spokesperson for Anthem told IBT that no one from the company or from Cigna was planning to attend the Nantucket event. A spokesperson for Cigna, Joe Mondy, told IBT that “’one of Cigna’s retired veteran employees spoke to the governors about veteran hiring practices at the Greenwich event.’”

These troubling revelations are all occurring while the State Ethics board conducts an investigation into the conduct of Wade’s handling of the Cigna merger. Given these new developments, Governor Malloy’s dealings should be added to the scope of the investigation.