January 20, 2016

Shot/Chaser: Clinton Praises Cratering Obama Economy

Hillary Clinton’s bear hug of President Obama has extended to his handling of the economy.Yet, if the economy continues its downward trend, it might be a significant negative for Clinton in the months ahead.

Shot: “President Obama changed all that. Look where we are today. We’ve had 70 straight months of private-sector job growth. Our businesses have created 14.1 million jobs. The unemployment rate is the lowest in seven years. And the auto industry just had its best year ever.”

Chaser: “If it’s true, as economic Paul Samuelson once quipped, that the stock market has predicted nine out of the last five recessions, then let’s hope that this is one of those four fake-outs. I don’t need to tell anyone who has had been brave—or masochistic—enough to look at their 401k that this has been the worst start to the year in market history. Indeed, the S&P 500 is down 10 percent since the calendar turned to 2016.”