May 12, 2016

Sidney Blumenthal Causes A Week Of Bad Headlines For Hillary Clinton

Long-time Clinton crony Sidney Blumenthal is heavily promoting a new book on Abraham Lincoln. Yet the main topic interviewers want to ask him about are his shady ties to Hillary Clinton.

Appearing on CNBC, CNN, and MSNBC this week, Blumenthal has been repeatedly pressed on the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server, and whether he’s met with the FBI himself.

Clinton has sky-high untrustworthy numbers, and as we saw this week in West Virginia, they are proving to be an anchor around Clinton’s campaign. Blumenthal’s connection to shadowy aspects of Clinton’s past is one more reminder for voters of all the things they dislike about the Clintons.

A look at the negative coverage Blumenthal’s book tour has generated for Clinton underscores the severity of Clinton’s problem:

The Hill: “Clinton confidant Blumenthal ‘very confident’ no email bombshell coming”

Mediaite: “Clinton Ally Sidney Blumenthal Won’t Say If He’s Been Interviewed by FBI”

CNN: “Sid Blumenthal: There is no Clinton bombshell”

Politico: “Sid Blumenthal ‘very confident’ no Clinton email bombshell will drop”

Daily Caller: “Sidney Blumenthal Claims Inside Knowledge About FBI’s Clinton Email Investigation [VIDEO]”

Real Clear Politics: “Sidney Blumenthal: No More Bombshells In Clinton Email Investigation”

Washington Free Beacon: “Blumenthal Goes Off-Script, Refers to Clinton FBI Probe as ‘Investigation’ Instead of ‘Security Review’”

Weekly Standard: “Blumenthal Really Doesn’t Want to Talk About Hillary Email Scandal”