November 19, 2015

Silicon Valley Spurns “60s” Candidate Clinton

Today Politico broke the story that Hillary Clinton’s superPAC Priorities USA Action is being largely ignored by Silicon Valley’s major donors. Politico writes that:

The main super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s White House bid is struggling to persuade Silicon Valley’s megadonors to cut the $1 million-plus checks it says it needs to lay the groundwork for what’s expected to be the most expensive general-election fight in history.

This follows only days after the “key fundraising liaison with Silicon Valley” for the Clinton campaign abruptly resigned. Silicon Valley was a major source of campaign cash for Barack Obama, and Silicon Valley’s “reluctance” to embrace Clinton has lead some Democrats to worry that it “signals a serious financial weakness for Clinton.”

During last Saturday’s debate, Hillary Clinton proudly stated that “I come from the ’60s.” There are numerous reasons why the Silicon Valley donors would be unenthusiastic about supporting Hillary Clinton. Silicon Valley is a community that prides itself on being young, hip, and new. Could it be that supporting the “60s” candidate is simply too unappealing for Silicon Valley donors to stomach?