February 19, 2016

“Small Government” Missouri Democrat Proposes Expanding Government

Missouri gubernatorial candidates assembled on Thursday to discuss how to best foster a pro-business climate in the state.

At the event, Democrat Chris Koster tried to talk a conservative game to red state voters, bragging about his past as a Republican and claiming to be “aligned on issues of fiscal conservatism” and “smaller government” with the Republican Party:

However, just mintues after touting “small government,” Koster inadvertently reminded Missourians that he’s actually a big-government Democrat, calling for a major expansion of government-run Medicaid:

Koster is either confused about the meaning of the term “small government” or he is trying to score political points with different groups of Missourians by telling them different things about his policy positions and agenda. The voters of Missouri deserve leaders with integrity and clear, focused policies, not political pandering and Washington D.C. doubletalk.