August 31, 2016

Someone Needs To Explain The Clinton Foundation’s Scandals To Patrick Murphy

Privileged Patrick Murphy is not very smart, so maybe he’s just confused about the Clinton Foundation. At a press conference this morning, Murphy once again said that he found Hillary Clinton trustworthy:

REPORTER: “Last night you linked Rubio to Donald Trump, who he has said he’ll support. On the flip side, are you comfortable that Hillary Clinton has been honest and straightforward in her handling of the Clinton Foundation and the on-going email controversy?” MURPHY: “Yes, I trust her and believe that herself, the campaign, and the Clinton Foundation have made the necessary reforms to help instill more trust from the voters and to remind so many folks, not only in this country, but around the world, of all the good work that the Clinton Foundation has done.” REPORTER: “So you don’t agree that some editorial boards and things have said the Clinton Foundation should stop accepting donations now? Do you think they should continue to go on?” MURPHY: “I think it’s important to focus on the work that they do. I mean the millions and millions of people that they’ve helped around the world. The millions of people that they’ve brought aid to shouldn’t be forgotten about in this conversation. So it’s important for any organization that has established the relationships, that has the pipeline there of vaccines. That has the people on the ground, that that not be harmed and cut off for political reasons. I think the reforms that they have made though will instill more confidence for the people of this country.”

That’s particularly poor timing considering that a new ABC News/Washington Post poll found Clinton’s unfavorable numbers are at a “new high.”

Additionally, Murphy went to bat for the Clinton Foundation in the face of a mountain of recent stories documenting its pay-to-play history. Specifically, the reporter questions Murphy about the surge in editorials from across the country that say the reforms to the Foundation that Murphy touted this morning are insufficient. See below for some of these very critical editorials, including two from his home state, that show Murphy has no clue what he’s talking about when it comes to the Clinton Foundation:

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Minneapolis Star-Tribune: “It’s past time to shut down the Clinton Foundation”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: “EDITORIAL: The pattern continues”

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Editorial: Hillary Clinton’s trail of slime

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New York Post: “The Clinton Foundation must shut down if Hillary wins”

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