December 15, 2015

SPOTTED: Koster Ditches Missouri For D.C.

Just a few days ago, Missouri Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Koster was caught campaigning with Hillary Clinton. Today, Koster was spotted with his staff in Washington D.C.

This trip to Washington, D.C. is nothing new for Koster, who has been criticized for his political opportunism and absenteentism in the past. In 2008, Koster “faced accusations of absenteeism in the form of a leaked e-mail written by one of his former assistant prosecutors,” and a former colleague revealed Koster “was fixated on his political career and rarely in the office,” according to a report published in Missouri Lawyers Weekly.

Koster’s latest trip to Washington, D.C. raises even more questions about his opportunistic political motives and where his true priorities lie: with the people of Missouri or with Washington Democrats.