January 7, 2016

State Department Answers On Clinton’s Emails “Inaccurate And Incomplete”

In a newly released report, Hillary Clinton’s private email use is under fire again. The Washington Post reported:

Two years before the public learned of Hillary Clinton’s private server, the State Department gave an “inaccurate and incomplete” response about her email use when it told an outside group that it had no documents about Clinton’s email accounts beyond her government address, according to a report from the State Department’s inspector general to be released Thursday.

According to the report, the Clinton’s State Department’s flawed answer about Clinton’s emails came in response to a request from the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), an “ethics watchdog” now chaired by Clinton ally David Brock. The group sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in 2012 asking for “records sufficient to show the number of email accounts of or associated with Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Clinton’s then Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills was alerted about the request and was well aware of Clinton’s private email account. Nonetheless, in May 2013, just a few months after Clinton left office, the State Department told CREW “no records responsive to your request were located.”

Although “the IG report cited no evidence that Mills intervened in the CREW inquiry or approved the final response,” the new report raises questions once again about Clinton’s private email server use and why it was hidden for so long. Additionally, the FBI recently stepped up its investigation of Clinton’s email use casting a shadow over Clinton’s campaign and raising doubts about whether she can in fact be trusted.