July 22, 2016

Steve Santarsiero Laughably Calls Newfound Progressive Clinton A Centrist

With the Democratic Convention in his backyard next week, Pennsylvania’s 8th District candidate Steve Santarsiero is running to embrace Hillary Clinton and laughably describes her as a sensible centrist. Politico reported:

Santarsiero is running with Hillary Clinton, not away from her. He talks her up as a sensible centrist who can work across the aisle, praising her promises on infrastructure spending and the cost of college. He calls Clinton’s email debacle a “mistake” but not a reason to distrust her.

“On one hand, you have someone with a tremendous amount of experience,” Santarsiero says. “…She is by far the better candidate.”

While Santarsiero calls Clinton a centrist, all recent evidence points to the contrary. Numerous editorials highlighted the Democrats’ party platform sharp leftward turn on issues, including an extreme expansion of ObamaCare and a radical tax on energy.

Santarsiero’s embrace of Clinton, while new polls have her honest and trustworthy numbers at an all-time low, will hurt his chances this fall in a crucial swing district.