September 29, 2016

Still Cleaning Up After Clinton: Obama To Extend Libya ISIS Campaign

Like many of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy failures, her vehement advocacy for intervention in Libya continues to have repercussions long after she’s left office. Fox News reported yesterday that the Obama administration plans to extend its bombing campaign against ISIS in Libya:

The decision authorizes the U.S. military to launch a third month of airstrikes against ISIS in the Libyan coastal city of Sirte. Airstrikes began Aug. 1 following a request from the Uited [sic] Nations-backed government in Tripoli. At the time, the Pentagon said the Libya mission would likely last “weeks, not months.”

According to the report, the extended Libyan mission is diverting U.S. military resources that were scheduled to “begin airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, as well as keep an eye on Iran following recent incidents involving Iranian gunboats and U.S. Navy ships.”

This development means that as the country gets ready to vote in early November, U.S. forces will be tied down in Libya, trying to clean up the mess Secretary Clinton created there. She has admitted that she was “responsible for quite a bit” in Libya including the policy before and after the intervention, and from convincing President Obama to support intervention in the first place to her disastrous short-changing of security in Benghazi, Libya has become a hallmark of Clinton’s disastrous policy in the Middle East. However, with ISIS viewing Libya as a fallback and U.S. special forces deployed in the country, Secretary Clinton has left the U.S. holding the bag for her mistakes.