December 6, 2013

More Stress For Small Businesses, Despite Landrieu’s Promises

Remember those tax credits Mary Landrieu is always bragging about getting for small businesses in ObamaCare?

LANDRIEU: “The creation of exchanges and a two-year exchange tax credit will lift the burden of excessive paperwork and administrative costs. The exchanges will create more stable, secure choices for your employees. In Louisiana, more than 50,000 small businesses could be helped by this small business tax credit proposal.”

With SHOP being delayed until after she’s up for re-election, those small businesses are going to have a stressful holiday season:

“Going through SHOP is a must for small businesses to qualify for health-care tax credits. Until the website is ready, businesses wanting to enroll will have to go through a broker or insurance agent, or deal directly with an insurance company. In other words, already time-crunched, financially squeezed small-business owners have more to stress over.”