December 22, 2015

Strickland Continues To Stonewall Press

Ted “Stonewall” Strickland is at it again. Facing predictable questions from the media about his hard turn to the left and political posturing during his senate primary, Strickland first claimed he couldn’t talk to a Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter because he was busy “fundraising”:

Over the last several days, he’s been too busy with meetings or traveling for fundraising to have that conversation with a reporter, his representatives say.

Realizing that was perhaps the worst excuse for avoiding the press in campaign history, Strickland abandoned that strategy this week in favor of flat-out refusing to comment to the Columbus Dispatch:

Strickland’s staff declined requests to make the former governor available for an interview.

Reporters across Ohio are making their disgruntlement with Strickland’s stonewall strategy clear:

Strickland’s amateurish approach to legitimate questions from the press is particularly puzzling given his over 30 years of political experience.

With primary opponent P.G. Sittenfeld running to his left and making gun control his top campaign issue, Strickland will need to come up with some answers soon.