January 27, 2016

Strike 3: CO Democrat Refuses To Comment On The Iran Deal AGAIN

Another day, another opportunity for Colorado Democrat Morgan Carroll to ignore voter concerns. Carroll, who is running for Congress in the state’s 6 th district, has a well-documented history of ignoring pertinent questions that could expose her far-left agenda. One such issue is the Iran nuclear agreement, which Secretary of State John Kerry recently admitted would lead to funding terrorists. Carroll has twice been asked if she supports the agreement and has twice ignored the question. Today, Carroll was asked why she refuses to comment on the agreement. Shockingly, she still doesn’t answer.

After three opportunities to address her position on the deal, Colorado voters have to wonder why Carroll continues to dodge this issue. Perhaps like her position on GITMO transfers, Carroll is concerned her position won’t be well received by her constituents. Regardless of reason, Carroll’s repeated indifference towards the concerns of voters can’t bode well for her election.