January 12, 2016

Suggested #SOTU Drinking Games For Democrats

With President Obama facing dismal poll numbers in battleground states, and a growing majority of Americans unhappy with the direction of the country, Democrats running for office who have tied themselves closely to the President’s agenda may be looking to drown their sorrows during his final State of the Union.

America Rising PAC is here to help, and has taken the liberty of suggesting some drinking games for the Democratic candidates who are likely sweating tonight’s speech the most.

Former Sen. Russ Feingold: DRINK…whenever President Obama talks about foreign policy.

Because wouldn’t you if you had famously said this about President Obama’s foreign policy legacy?

“The President actually has a real understanding of the international situation, and in my view President Obama is doing an excellent job on the international front, and If he’s reelected – as I suspect he will be – I think he could end up being one of our great presidents from the point of view of our international policies.”

Sen. Michael Bennet: DRINK…whenever President Obama says he’ll close Guantanamo Bay this year.

Colorado’s Sen. Bennet – the Democrats’ most vulnerable 2016 incumbent – has a Gitmo problem. After consistently backing President Obama’s plan to close the detention center and transfer terrorist detainees to the U.S., Bennet developed a sudden election year case of “not in my backyard-ism” when it became clear Colorado was on the docket to receive transfers.

Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner, is reportedly sitting with senators from other potential transfer states in solidarity, but no word if Bennet will join:

Bennet will actually be present in the senate chamber while the President speaks, so he’ll need a flask.

Ted Strickland: DRINK…whenever President Obama mentions guns.

Ted Strickland’s sharp turn to the left on gun control has been the prevailing theme of the Ohio Democratic primary, where opponent P.G. Sittenfeld has whacked him from the left on a daily basis.

As President Obama and Hillary Clinton shift their focus to the issue, and Clinton attacks Bernie Sanders and Republicans for some of the exact same votes Strickland cast while he was in Congress, Strickland’s Second Amendment problem is attracting national attention:

Joe Sestak: DRINK…whenever President Obama references the fight against ISIS.

Pennsylvania’s Joe Sestak, who portrays himself as a foreign policy expert, is still trying to explain away the time he said ISIS was “out of gas” in 2014:


Unfortunately for Sestak, his damage control strategy has ranged from doubling down on his comments to telling voters they don’t understand what the phrase “out of gas” means.

Maggie Hassan: DRINK…whenever President Obama claims ObamaCare has been successful.

New Hampshire Governor and senate candidate Maggie Hassan has called ObamaCare “essential to the future of our country” and promised Granite Staters that an ObamaCare exchange co-op would “improve affordability and increase choices.”

The problem? None of these things happened. Premiums increased and the co-op Hassan touted announced it was pulling out of New Hampshire’s exchange last month.

BONUS: Gov. Terry McAuliffe: DRINK…because you’re Terry McAuliffe.