July 19, 2016

Super PAC Ad Gives Phony Patrick Murphy A Fake Family

Is that the best Patrick Murphy ad they could make?

Today, the Senate Majority PAC launched its first ever ad in a Democratic primary. Trying to prop up the now nationally lampooned Patrick Murphy, the ad is about as enthralling as your average Murphy stump speech – e.g., boring and lacking any substance.

But then again, what can Harry Reid’s Super PAC really say at this point? It can’t tout Murphy’s experience working as a CPA, running a small business, or helping those affected by the algae crisis – because it turns out all of those former Murphy campaign themes have been exposed as blatant lies.

Amazingly though, the ad still managed to reinforce the fact that Murphy is a phony.

How’s that?

Well, despite adamantly claiming he’s opposed to Super PACs, Murphy has “b-roll” footage on his website for Super PACs to use, as well as specific instructions for outside groups to follow.

In typical Phony Patrick style, the footage shows him in a variety of unrealistic roles, such as a family man walking on a beach (he’s unmarried and has no children) and a hardworking executive (which he has never been) working late into the night in an office (that is clearly not his).

The Senate Majority PAC eagerly picked up the footage, so now Floridians are seeing Murphy strolling along a beach with a woman and young child that he, apparently, has no real-life relationship to.


Who are they? Voters may never know…Phony Patrick Murphy certainly doesn’t.