February 12, 2016

Support for Kissinger Could Doom Clinton With Boomer Supporters

The New Hampshire primary featured overwhelmingly dismal results for Hillary Clinton. Clinton lost almost every income, age, and ideological group. Yet within the ocean of bad numbers for Clinton, one small bright spot was her standing among New Hampshire voters over 65. While Sanders overwhelmingly won voters between the ages of 18 and 64, Clinton won voters over 65.

Last night’s debate might change that for future contests. During the debate, Senator Sanders went on the attack over Clinton’s close ties to Henry Kissinger. Sanders highlighted Clinton’s history of consultation with and praise for her fellow former Secretary of State. As the Washington Post highlighted today, Clinton’s relationship with Kissinger jeopardizes her standing among the only age group that she can count on:

“Bernie Sanders’s indignation at Clinton’s embrace of Kissinger in Thursday night’s debate is the indignation of a generation of Democrats who loathed Nixon and Kissinger with every fiber of their being. This isn’t a group that’s inclined to back Sanders, incidentally; one of the only demographic groups Clinton won in New Hampshire was Boomers. But Sanders’s thoughts on Kissinger clearly don’t stem from political calculations.”

With Kissinger “largely reviled” on the left, yet embraced by “members of the establishment like Hillary Clinton,” this is just another stumble for former frontrunner Hillary Clinton.