February 8, 2016

Tammy Duckworth Blames Republicans For ISIS

Illinois senate candidate Rep. Tammy Duckworth gave voters a few clues as to why she has been largely absent from the campaign trail and is trying to avoid additional debates during today’s first Democratic primary candidate forum, held by the Chicago Tribune.

When she was asked to address national security concerns raised about her plan to expand the number of Syrian refugees allowed into the United States to 200,000 – twenty times as many as President Obama has proposed – Duckworth made a bewildering and meandering argument that Republican politicians were responsible for radicalizing ISIS terrorists.

Roll Call reported:

“In the case of those two young people, the Iraq refugees in Texas, they were actually, radicalized here in the United States,” Duckworth said. “They came as teenagers and they were radicalized because they’d been on those talk hotlines with ISIS. Because they see people like Mark Kirk demonizing Muslim and Islam and wanting to shut down our borders. That’s how we turn people against us.”

Immediately though, one of the moderators asked, “You think they were radicalized by U.S. politicians?”

“No, I think they were radicalized by ISIS, who are attempting to get U.S. politicians and the United States to react in fear,” Duckworth responded.