May 12, 2016

Tammy Duckworth Is Going To Court

An Illinois judge just handed down a ruling that could shake up the Illinois senate race and cause major headaches for Rep. Tammy Duckworth and the Democrats.

The Associated Press reported on the outcome of a May 12th summary judgment hearing in a case of alleged workplace retaliation brought against Duckworth that did not go as planned for her lawyers:

An Illinois judge on Thursday tentatively set a trial date well before the November general election in a 7-year-old workplace retaliation lawsuit accusing Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Duckworth of ethics violations while she led the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs.

Union County Judge David Boie rejected an effort by government lawyers to dismiss the lawsuit, allowing the case to go to trial in August and remain a campaign issue for Duckworth. The Illinois congresswoman is trying to oust Republican U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk in November. Duckworth did not attend the hearing.

At the time of the hearing, Duckworth was busy in Washington, D.C. fundraising with Harry Reid.

The AP also reported that Duckworth’s supporters are referring to the lawsuit as a “nuisance,” but her accusers – who claim Duckworth punished them for whistleblowing – don’t quite see it that way:

“It has absolutely nothing to do with a political fight,” Butler said. “Our names are still being slung through the mud for speaking up.”

Get a primer on the case against Duckworth here:

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