August 17, 2015

Tammy Duckworth’s Iran Deal Dodge

Rep. Tammy Duckworth has figured out a strategy for ducking tough questions on the Obama administration’s controversial Iran nuclear deal – avoid taking a position at all. WJBC-AM reports:

The current congresswoman is still reading into the proposed nuclear deal with Iran, but that didn’t stop her from attacking her opponent in the 2016 Senate race, incumbent Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), for coming out against the deal.

The Iran deal was released over a month ago and is 159 pages long – shorter than some of the magazines for sale in the supermarket checkout lane.

Duckworth didn’t just dodge reporters’ questions on her position – she actually criticized Sen. Mark Kirk for being straightforward with Illinois voters about where he stands, suggesting it was impossible for him to have digested 150 pages in nearly five weeks:

Duckworth said Kirk is rushing to judgment on the proposal.

“He seems to have made up his mind before the deal was even made public so people could read the deal,” Duckworth said. “I’m going to do my homework. I’m not going to let anyone else tell me how to vote.”

Missing from Duckworth’s attack on Kirk was the fact that dozens of her fellow Democrats in Congress have taken a position on the deal – including Duckworth’s primary opponent, Andrea Zopp, who voiced her support for the deal in an interview with Chicago magazine on August 14th.

Unfortunately for Duckworth, she’ll eventually have to stop trying to have it both ways and come clean with her constituents – unless she plans on voting “present” when the deal comes to the House floor next month.