April 21, 2016

TBT: Clinton Campaign Misleads On Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Campaign Tactics

Hillary Clinton and her campaign would like very much for Bernie Sanders and his campaign to stop pointing out examples of Hillary Clinton’s failed record and many flip-flops. In order to justify this, Clinton senior adviser Karen Finney stated that Sanders should follow Hillary Clinton’s example during the later stages of the 2008 Democratic primary:

“BRIANNA KEILAR: I’m hearing from a lot of people in the Clinton camp, people who back the Secretary Clinton. Basically they’re saying Bernie Sanders needs to dial down some of his rhetoric, but if we go back eight years ago, Hillary Clinton was in the race, she was obviously trying to win it, it was very divisive, some of her criticisms of then-Senator Obama, were obviously sharp. why should Bernie Sanders do something different than what she did? KAREN FINNEY: Well actually Brianna, at about this time in the process back in 2008, she actually was starting to dial down the rhetoric, because you know, part of what happens is, as you, obviously there were still contests and she was still competing very aggressively, but actually she did sort of change her tone a little bit.”

A look at the ads then-Senator Clinton was running at this time in 2008 shows that Finney is not telling the whole story. Clinton ran three ads on 4/20/2008 or 4/21/2008 that are all contrast or negative ads. One implicitly states Barack Obama was not ready to be president, while another says Obama was making “false charges” about Clinton’s policy plans. The third Clinton ad highlights Obama’s ties to lobbyists.

These three ads clearly show that Hillary Clinton was not “dialing down the rhetoric,” at this point in the 2008 campaign. For her campaign to suggest otherwise is not only self-serving, but false.